summer 2020 on film

summer 2020 on film

my first experience with a film camera and the first summer I shot on film. I was extremely happy when I received developed photos, despite the fact that many photos didn’t turn out due to inexperience. it is the film that conveys all the magic of that very moment, capturing it forever. usually when i decide to do something on a regular basis something is bound to go wrong, but this time i really managed to do this small project and collect many many wonderful moments of this summer, i couldn’t wait and already shared them with you on instagram, but I also really want to leave them here and add some descriptions 🙂

this summer was probably the most spontaneous in terms of travel, since we had absolutely nothing planned. when the borders inside Europe were opened, we decided to take a little trip and drove to Italy, where we spent a couple of days camping in the small seaside town of Grado.

all summer I was actively looking for a job and planning to move to Berlin, so it was hard to relax and enjoy the summer one hundred percent and there was a constant feeling of anxiety, nevertheless we had a good time during the summer in Vienna with our friends. during these moments I forgot about all the problems and was just enjoying the moment to the fullest. we weren’t sad because of not having a proper vacation, because in the summer the city really changed and there were so many options to spend a good time: go to the river in the city or to one the lakes, cool off with a delicious drink on one of many terraces or go to the mountains.

I fondly remember our evening walks and gatherings on the Danube Canal. this is probably one of the coolest places in Vienna where locals sit with beer and snacks or in one of the bars along the river with a cocktail watching the sun go down.
Europa bar – my favorite old bar in Vienna.

on one of the summer weekends, Thomas and I went by car to Croatia, to one of the most beautiful cities located on the Istrian peninsula – Rovinj. it’s only about five and a half hours away by car, so we left on Thursday afternoon and returned by Sunday evening and spent two wonderful days there by the sea. on Sunday, unfortunately, it was overcast, so we spent the morning walking around the small cozy village of Motovun, famous for its truffles, and from there we drove home to Vienna.

morning in Rovinj we started with a simple breakfast in our apartment, and after that got ready, bought some fruits at the market and went to the beach, where we swam, sunbathed and read until dinner. in the evening we walked around the old town, ate delicious fresh seafood and enjoyed local wine.
one of the highlights of last summer (2019) – was a pride that took place in Vienna in June and in frames of pride weeks, there were various parties, gatherings and events, and on the last day the parade itself took place and it was amazing! I participated in the parade for the first time, although I watched rather than actively participated, emotions overwhelmed me at some point, I cried with happiness and, together with everyone, sang and danced to the music on the street, despite my sore throat.
this year, for obvious reasons, the parade had to be canceled, but still they allowed a small procession of cars and people, including us, came to watch it. it was great to see people who came to celebrate the love and freedom that was in the air of this hot summer day.
to be honest, I was too lazy to arrange the photos in chronological order, so the post turns out to be a little chaotic, but it is as it is. in mid-July, I went to my visit my friend in Berlin and then I already knew that I got a job there and looked at this city with completely different eyes, knowing that in just a couple of weeks we would live here. amazing feeling, I tell you.

 at the end of July we went to South Tyrol, where we spent the weekend at the beautiful villa Arnika. I talk more about our experience here.

In August, a friend came to see me in Vienna and we decided to go to Budapest for a couple of days. we walked a lot around the city, drank coffee and ate delicious food in my favorite restaurants in the Jewish quarter, and in the evening we spent time waching sunsets overlooking the Danube and drank cocktails in ruin bars. it was wonderful!
when Veronika was visiting us in Vienna, it was incredibly hot and one day we decided to get out into the mountains and went to the Leopoldsteinersee lake. well, the water was super cold in the lake, but this didn’t stop us from having a wonderful time there: we swam, sunbathed, read and had a picnic with delicious food and cider.
That was it, thanks for reading!


  • Какие же чудесные фотографии!) Пленка делает свое дело! Атмосфера передается так четко, что будто я побывала в каждом моменте))

  • 4 years ago

    Такие атмосферные фотографии! Спасибо за такой душевный пост. Как будто читаю ваш личный дневник, Злата!

  • 4 years ago

    кааак же приятно! спасибо тебе! <3

  • 4 years ago

    большое спасибо! да, пленка – это любовь!

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